The cryptocurrency list top 100 contenders

Some of the top cryptocurrency of 2018 are Tether, Bitcoin, EOS, etc. ICOs help to advance in democratization as it eliminates the traditional methods for fundraising. In this mechanism, anyone can choose to invest and bear the results of success. But that still does not remove the risks involved. There is a great chance for profit, here investors are in for a good ride. The high pay-off works out in the best given the high-risk taken by the investors.

The world if cryptocurrency is very familiar with thecoin currency news and tokens involved. ERC20 is a name of the tokens issued by Blockchain by Ethereum. It follows all the rules that the Ether-tokens must follow. The ERC20 tokens list is vast and some of them are listed below:

Binance Coin: this token allows users to get a discount on fees based on the platform.

Walton: is regarded as the main digital currency by Waltonchain. It allows total data sharing with proper transparency.

EOS: is a platform supported by Blockchain which includes scheduling and authentication among other things. This helps in enhancing the efficiency of businesses for smart development.

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